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TAF Explained

N. America Surface Analysis.  (400k)   00Z   03Z   06Z   09Z   12Z   15Z   18Z   21Z   (legend)  (timestamp in lower left corner of each image)

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Storm Prediction Center (NWS) Convective Outlook

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Winds at Various Levels

Wind/Temps at Different Levels/Times


TAF Forecast Example Decoded:

KDFW 301350Z 301412 02008KT 2SM BR OVC004
      TEMPO 1415 1/4SM FG OVC001
     FM1500 02007KT P6SM OVC010
     FM1800 35013KT P6SM OVC025
     FM0000 36010KT P6SM OVC012
Dallas/Ft.Worth airport report generated on the 30th at 1350GMT...
Winds 020 at 08knots visibility 2 statute miles Mist Overcast at 400 ft.
Temporarily between 1400GMT and 1500GMT visibility 1/4 mile FOG Overcast 100ft.
From 1500GMT winds 020 at 7 knots visibility greater than 6 miles overcast 1,000ft
From 1800GMT winds 350 at 13 kts visibility greater than 6 miles overcast 2,500ft
From 0000GMT winds 360 at 10 kts vis. > 6 miles overcast 1,200
Qualifiers of 
Intensity or Proximity
- Light 
Moderate (no qualifier) 
+ Heavy or well-developed 
VC in the Vicinity 
Qualifier Descriptor
MI Shallow
BC Patches
DR Low Drifting
BL Blowing
SH Showers
TS Thunderstorm
FZ Freezing
PR Partial
DZ Drizzle
RA Rain
SN Snow
SG Snow Grains
IC Ice Crystals
PL Ice Pellets
GR Hail
GS Small Hail or Snow Pellets (less than 1/4 inch in diameter)
UP Unknown precipitation (automated stations only)
BR Mist (Foggy conditions with visibilities greater than 5/8 statute mile)
FG Fog (visibility 5/8 statute mile or less)
FU Smoke
DU Dust
SA Sand
HZ Haze
PY Spray
VA Volcanic Ash
PO Well-Developed Dust/Sand Whirls
SQ Squalls
FC Funnel Cloud
+FC Well-Developed Funnel Cloud, Tornado or Waterspout
SS Sandstorm
DS Duststorm

A Discussion of TAF Cycles (from
In the U.S., TAFs are produced four times a day starting at approximately 30 minutes before each main synoptic hour (00Z, 06Z, 12Z, and 18Z). All the forecasts produced starting one hour before the main synoptic hour up to four hours past the main synoptic hour are considered to be for the same cycle. For example, forecasts produced between 1100Z and 1600Z are all considered to be 12Z forecastss. In reality, forecasts contain the starting and ending times for which the forecast is valid. Our rule of thumb is that all forecasts produced between (hh-1)00Z to (hh+4)44Z are considered to be for the hh cycle. The following table summarizes the relationship between forecast production time and cycle:

From To
00Z 2300 0459
06Z 0500 1059
12Z 1100 1659
18Z 1700 2259