Wunder Weather Station

Created on Friday, 24 February 2017 Written by gary stofer

The weather station is located at the cul-de-sac of Wilco Way. It's Identifier is KCAREDBL13 on Weather Underground.

It reports at 15 seconds intervals the following items: Barometer, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Direction, Wind Speed & Gust as well as Rain Accumulation.

The current readings and history can be seen on Weather Underground.

The hardware is designed and maintained by Gary Stofer as a service to the community. For more information on the system please see here.

Operation Report May 2012

Created on Saturday, 02 June 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of May 2012 there were 82 flight operations.  There were 2 medivac operations during May 2012.  The weather for May 2011 was “on again, off again” during much of the month.  Most of the weather problems were crosswinds which makes landing and taking off difficult.    But even with weather conditions less than ideal, we are seeing the usual increase in air traffic that comes with the spring and summer.

 May 12th saw the third annual Ducky Derby, and the fifth annual Friends of the Airport.  This year’s ‘Friends’ was a smashing success with the BBQ and party held in Carol and Woody Harris’ new barn/hangar.  A great time was had by all including many local residents and 23 visiting aircraft from throughout northern California.  We even had a guest aircraft from Enloe.  The Enloe helicopter was involved in a training mission and made our gathering a short stop in their itinerary.   Each year has been bigger and better than the previous year and we are looking forward already to 2013.

 The mowing of the airport has continued with maintenance on those areas that seem to grow faster.  The front of the Ranch has been mowed, and the trail on the south side of the airport is being mowed regularly.  We are now in a period of spot spraying on the runway itself to keep vegetation from growing through the runway surface.


Contribution to community by Airport Residents

Created on Thursday, 01 September 2011 Written by SU

We are a community.  That means we collectively provide resources for all of us as a community.  We provide particularly those things that none of us could afford individually.  None of us could afford the Transfer Station, Roads, Beaches and yes an Airport as an individual.  But those resources are exactly why we band together to provide for as common assets.  We are a community.


But for the moment, let’s look at our world as though it were divided.  Indeed, that is what some would have us believe.  They suggest that if you don’t use an asset, then you shouldn’t have to pay for that asset.  The argument is to divide ourselves against ourselves.  And specifically they suggest that the Airport gets way too much funding.  So let’s look at the reality.


There are 47 lots that are contiguous to the Airport.  There are approximately 2000 private lots on the whole Ranch.  47/2000 = 2.35% of the lots on the Ranch are next to the Airport.  That 2.35% of the Ranch contributes dues of $19,740 per year to the annual budget of approximately $840,000.   And for that contribution of $19,740 what do the owners of that 2.35% of properties get?


Let’s be really generous and say that the entire $5,250 for the Airport in the 2010 Budget year is solely for the benefit of those people who live on the runway.  Further, let’s take 2.35% of the Transfer Station’s $150,000 annual expense ($150,000x2.35$ = $3,525) And now the big expense, roads.  For 2009 that was approximately $225,000.  The airport lots contributed 2.35% of $225,000 = $5,287.  And only one mile of approximately 52 miles of roads in the Ranch serves airport lot owners.  One final item, there are 2 Children who live on the Airport.   Where is the benefit of Fawn Meadow?  RECAP of Benefits to Airport lot owners:


Airport Dues paid:                                      $19,740

ALL airport budget                                     -$5,250

2.35% Trans. Sta.                                        -$3,525

One mile of Roads                                       -$4,327

Balance Contributed to the rest of the Ranch:  $6,638!


But, we are a community.  As a community we take care of the Ponds, and we do not begrudge those who benefit from living next to a pond.  We take care of the Beaches, without ever finding fault with those who choose to purchase property next to a Beach.  And never has anyone been heard to say that we should eliminate Fawn Meadow because they have no children.   We are a community, and we care for and maintain all the amenities of our community.   That is the meaning of community as physical assets.  Being able to share those assets with your community is what makes living in a community so worthwhile.



June - July News

Created on Friday, 05 August 2011 Written by Bill Massey

With the wet weather we have experienced during late Spring and early Summer 2011, we have been mowing and spraying for weeds all through June and July.  We hope that with drier weather we can return to doing simple spot spraying.  As most of us are aware, when weeds grow through chip seal (and they do) it creates cracks which begin to break down the integrity of the runway surface.  This means making sure we stop weeds important.

During June and July pilots from Rancho Tehama have been far and wide in America.  Many of us attended the Golden State fly-in Marysville in June. Several attended the Arlington, WA fly-in early in July.  A couple of our local pilots went to Airventure in Oshkosh, WI.   One of our local planes is currently in North Carolina where Woody Harris is visiting his youngest daughter.

News May 2011

Created on Friday, 20 May 2011 Written by Super User

What can you say about the weather…recently it has been great!  Great for flying, great for getting things done in your yard, and great for getting the airport mowed…mission accomplished for the first time this year, the whole airport has been mowed.


Photo Sue Gullickson


Above, the first cutting, Ron on the ‘Yanmar’ on a perfect no wind cool day. We plan to get one more cutting in prior to the hot fire danger season later in the year, maybe two cuttings.


Photo Ron Gullickson


The picture above is of a nest of Killdeer, three eggs waiting to hatch.  The mother bird caught my eye, using the broken wing look to lure me and the tractor away from the nest.  I stopped and looked around for the nest so as not to disturb it.  When I found it, I just made a mental note of the location and went about the mowing.  On the return trip, there was the mother bird again looking wounded to lure me away.  Again I maneuvered the tractor away from the nest, as the mother watched.  On the next time around, the mother bird sat on the nest as I approached with the tractor, this time remaining on the nest and watching me.  She just sat there as I went by, looking at me as if to say, “thanks and I trust you will not bother us with the mowing”, and I didn’t!  Just another example of spring!


Photo Ron Gullickson


As I write this article, the above photo of the Enloe Life Flight helicopter makes its third medivac departure from the Rancho Tehama runway in the past 18 hours.  Living here at the ranch has many advantages, two of which are the runway and medical helicopter transport insurance.  Without the insurance, a medical transport by helicopter runs in the tens of thousands of dollars.  The runway is of particular importance for medivac operations, in that it provides a safe landing zone, especially at night.  This morning at 5:29 am, a medivac helicopter landed at the airport, again safely in their touch down zone at the west end of the runway.  You may receive information on medivac insurance at the Rancho Tehama Association office.


To help maintain the runway as a safe place for aircraft operations, upkeep and routine maintenance is necessary.  We do receive donations of the orange windsocks.  The windsock at the west end of the airport was donated by Mercy Medivac.  The other windsock located on the north side of the runway at mid field was donated by Chevron.  We believe that Enloe will soon be involved in our donation plans for the continuous effort to keep the runway in top condition for safety!


Photo Sue Gullickson


Seen above replacing the faded windsock with the donated new one is from left: Doug Dugger (airport manager); Ron Gullickson; and Bill Massey.


Photo Sue Gullickson


Arriving in time to assist with the lifting and placing the windsock pole in the pipe holder was Steve Barnes…thanks guys!


April 30 was a good day!  Leading off was the gathering of volunteers at Elder Creek Park to generate some fun for kids and a chance to promote a favorite community asset.  Among the groups represented were the Community Foundation, Old Time Fire Fighters, Fun for Kids, and the Airport Pilots.  The pilots’ table, manned by Ron Gullickson and Bill Massey, sold tickets for two airplane rides.  Not many tickets were sold, which was indicative of the number of people that did not take advantage of a good community event.  However, we did draw tickets for the two winners and Rosa Mendoza won both rides!  Twenty-five dollars was collected for the drawing and all the proceeds were given to Janice Menzies for the Community Foundation.


Following the Ducky Derby, the “Friends of the Airport” meeting was held in the hangar of Ernst and Gabriela Freitag.  Nearly twenty-five people were in attendance and I presume all had a good time.  After introductions, Bill Massey conducted the meeting covering several items on the agenda.  Bill reviewed the runway mowing, weed spraying (by Bill Massey), the web site (Ernst Freitag, Gary Stofer, and Jim Zimmer), the mowing (by Jim Zimmer) of the runway adjacent to his property.  Kudos to all our volunteers!  A little pride in our community airport is a good thing!  The Board Directors Tom Gano and Roy Johnson were thanked for their support. The budget for the year, runway property, and the new pizza store, and volunteers were discussed prior to adjourning. Roy Johnson is a Master Gardener, and is heading up the development of the community garden behind the office, and could use some help planting…give him a call (or the office) if you have a green thumb or would just like to help by playing in the dirt!


Photo Ron Gullickson


If you live on the ranch and have an interest or passion about one of the ranch amenities, organize, get volunteers with the same interest and make improvements…this will make the ranch a better place for all of us!  If we don’t do it, it won’t get done!


“We who fly do so for the love of flying.  We are alive in the air with this miracle that lies in our hands and beneath our feet.”

Cecil Day Lewis (1904-1972) poet.



Airport News April 2011

Created on Saturday, 30 April 2011 Written by Ron Gullikson

Construction in Progress

The above photos show the area where the soil was removed.  Kudos to board member Roy Johnson for spearheading this community project!

Airport News April 2011with our grandsons spending spring break with us.  So I guess you know how we spent some of that time…flying of course, the weather has been a little forgiving lately!  This also spilled over to include some of the neighbor kids and adults, good time had by all!

The annual ‘Friends of the Airport’ takes place Saturday, April 30, 1:30p.m. The Friends meeting will be held in the hangar of Ernst and Gabriella Freitag, on the Southeast end of the runway. The meeting will follow the “Ducky Derby” held at the Elder Creek Park.  Happenings at the airport include excavation work by the maintenance department.  They are removing soil from around the runway and depositing it behind the association office for the community garden.


Thanks to Gary Stofer, the airport website has been upgraded; check it out at ranchotehamaairpark.comThe site includes many things with the current local weather and a web cam.

“Construction of an aerial vehicle which can carry even a single man… requires the discovery of some new metal force.  Even with such a discovery, we could not expect one to do Amore than carry its owner.”

Simon Newcome, U.S. Astronomer, 1903.



A DC-3 at the field

Created on Saturday, 26 March 2011 Written by Bill Massey

This is a DC3 that flew in from the LA area to bring potential buyers to Rancho Tehama in the late 60's.

The airplane is parked where the Real Estate building now is.


The fact that a DC3 made it in means I should not have a problem getting my puddle jumper on the ground.

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